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GEORGE TOBA from Nigeria message

GEORGE TOBA from Nigeria message
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Car from Japan is the best car in the world, so i will like to be the winner of the car from Japan in this XMAS GIFT.
Japan vehicle is the best for Nigeria Road, so if am a winner it will also promote the Japan vehicle / car /jeep / trucks etc here in Nigeria and the world, all that state in Nigeria use car from Japan, cars from Japan are nice cars to drive in the world.
Why they should choose me is am going to cruise the and show it to the world by invite media / press / to cover the interview also televise it to the world. it will also boost more sales car from Japan.
In my country Car from Japan is the best car for them and we love car from Japan, our government officers love car from Japan.
Nigeria is most country in African that use flashy car from Japan, what a lovely car from Japan.
In fact in my country car from Japan is their choice, they cherish car from Japan.
I love car from Japan.
Wow i need the car from Japan this XMAS to drive.
As an ambassador of car from Japan is a welcome ideal and i will be glad. to cruse the lovely car from Japan this XMAS,many lover of car from Japan will refresh their memory and move to the car from Japan show room and purchase car from Japan , you will love it.
Think about pleasure car, car from Japan is the best., join now and win this XMAS gift car from Japan.
I have a story to tell you, when i was child years, my father sister bought Mercedes Benz as time, when she want to go and wash her car i like to follow her, i will stand out looking and start and start thinking as of that time that one day i will get my own car , as i was thinking, my sister call me to enter the car after washing it, since i was born i have not enter car as of that age.
When she start the Mercedes car from Japan and move it am excited , and i ask her what is moving the car, she said professionals engineers in Japan make possible for them to drive quality car , and i now remember it, car from Japan is great and quality product in the world car from Japan.
Today is a new day Japan produce new car everyday and new technology, up car from Japan, as an ambassador to CAR FROM JAPAN i we like to open a big warehouse and show room sale office in Lekki Eti Osa Local Govt Area Lagos as one the latest entrepreneur in Nigeria that benefit from this XMAS GIFT CAR FROM JAPAN , so that car from Japan can introduce brand latest cars / Trucks / etc. to Lagos and Nigeria / West Africa, etc.I THANK GOD FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE PART OF THIS LOVELY CAMPAIGN, ALSO THANK THE CAR FROM JAPAN FOR THIS XMAS GIFT IS WELCOME IDEAL CAR FROM JAPAN IS THE BEST CAR IN THE WORLD.

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