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GANGARAM BASDEO from Guyana message

GANGARAM BASDEO from Guyana message
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Hello Hana, I welcome “Car From Japan Co., Ltd.” to Guyana South America and i congratulate “Car From Japan Co.,Ltd. for giving someone the opportunity to win a Japanese used car for the festive season of Christmas. I know that “Car From Japan Co., Ltd. will make a family happier for Christmas.
Guyana has been importing Japanese used cars for more than twenty five years now and i must say that Japanese used cars have dominated all cars imported in Guyana.In fact Japanese used cars represents more that eighty percent of all cars in Guyana. Because of Japanese used cars, many families are able to own a car, not only in Guyana but in the Caribbean and lots of other countries. Thank you “Car From Japan Co., Ltd.” for helping to make this possible.I take this opportunity to encourage “Car From Japan Co., Ltd.” to keep on exporting Japanese used cars and making a difference in the lives of families who cannot afford to buy a new car.
“Car From japan Co., Ltd.”, I am from one of those families that cannot afford to buy a car, that is why you should pick me as the winner of the xmas car giveaway 2015, so that the lives of my family can be changed and my dreams come true, thanks to “Car from Japan Co., Ltd.

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