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FUNNY PHIRI from Malawi message

FUNNY PHIRI from Malawi message
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I can be picked as a winner due to my highly participation in the competition which will lead to high sensitization of your products ie Japan Car – used/new ones through liking with my friends via goggle, yahoo, facebook etc as result will end up having more customers which will lead to high production, more sales hence high profits of Japan as a country and Japan you have already high competitive advantage against many countries pertaining to car production as you produce cars, assemble them yours unlike for example our country Malawi so you export more and possibly import less to items like tobacco form Malawi where we also have a competitive edge.

A car from Japan has a positive signal effect due to its durability, hence long lasting one unlike other vehicles from other countries, so if Japan can maintain this, it will have more customers due to their positive perception towards Japan products.

Therefore, once pick in this competition, expect more from me in marketing your car product and I have like this competition being my part of study field ABE (UK) Business Management – Levels 4 – 6 and I will be enrolling for Degree Program in July, 2016 in third (3rd) year in any university of Malawi.

Thank you, lets keep in touch

I will add more next time

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