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Frank Mwale from Malawi message

Frank Mwale from Malawi message
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Our country Malawi favours most cars from Japan than any other cars from any where in the world. Below are some of the reasons:

  1. It is very cheap to buy a car from Japan than other countries because of the well established routes.
  2. The support that customers get from the point of enquiry to the point the car reaches the hands of the purchaser. It gives a good experience and worth mentioning to a friend.
  3. Malawi is a growing economy hence that it finds it affordable to buy Japanese used cars because they are reasonable as compared to other dealers from other countries.
  4. Almost 95% of all vehicles that are running in the country are Japanese used vehicles then why buy from anywhere else.
    5.Transportation in our country has been eased because of the access from Japanese used cars.
  5. Businesses have boomed up because of the access for the Japanese used cars. Some order cars from Japan for resale in Malawi, while others use Cars from Japan for the establishment of their businesses.
    You cant mention tranportation development in Malawi without mention Cars from Japan.
    Luxury of class can not be mentioned without mentioning Cars from Japan. In short Malawi and Africa as a whole, can not be there without Japanese used cars.

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