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Frank mantchichi from Malawi message

Frank mantchichi from Malawi message
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First of all …i think i should be picked as a winner because i have joined the race and i am participating right now. I also think that i should be picked because i have followed all the terms and conditions for this Christmas gift competition by Car From Japan.

I think i should also be picked as a winner because i know how to represent a brand. With the advertising skills that i have, i am sure a can do better in representing your sponsors and Car From Japan.

Another reason i think i should be picked as a winner is, i have shared this Christmas win a car competition on my social media and other websites. And i have obtained a good number of points from clicks on a link that i have shared. I think i have taken your name out there, among my friends and strangers, i think i have advertised for you and i have also provided a chance for many people to participate and share your link on their timelines so that friends and friends of from may also know that Car From Japan is the best.

Secondly, Japan used cars comes in good condition, so i think if i may be among the lucky one i will not have problems fixing the car again and again, with Car From Japan, i will not be a usual visitor at the garage.

I am so happy for Japan used car and Car From Japan for doing all the can, within their power to bring four wheels to every one even those that seem to be less privileged.

I think Car From Japan is the best because it gives back to the people. Each and every year, it gives back through gifts and coupons, that is what be call great customer care skill. And more importantly, these gifts are given to each and every one including those that have never got the chance to buy from Car From Japan yet, for the competition is open to all that are eligible and those that took a chance to participate simply by clicking a button.

I think Car From Japan Is the best in African, it gives motion and wheels to our beautiful continent, it helps in the development that is developing. used cars from Japan are being used around the world more especially in Africa or to be specific Malawi because of the fair and affordable price, a price that can be managed by a ghetto dweller.



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