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fidelity mashora from Zimbabwe message

fidelity mashora from Zimbabwe message
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With rising unemployment, decline in capacity utilisation, declining government revenue, rising government deficit, closure of companies, increased costs of production, increased interest rates, rising levels of poverty, the dream of owning a car in Zimbabwe nearly crushed right in front of our faces but a special thank you to Japanese used car sellers and importers such as Car from Japan who have made it possible for most of my fellow countrymen and my brothers and sisters from our mother continent Africa to actually get to own a car. Car from japan have changed the lives of many people bringing the gap between the rich and the poor to non. Your business is not just like any other businesses that aim to maximize profits, but you have made it your moral obligation to emancipate fellow Africans whose dreams of owning a car had started to crumble.

Local vehicle assembling companies sell cars at exorbitant prices which are beyond the reach of many due to the high costs of production currently being faced by the industry hence the continued importation of used cars. A number of Zimbabweans have resorted to importing second-hand vehicles, mainly from Japan, as they are cheaper than those assembled locally.

The government continues to gross hundreds of millions of dollars in duty charged on the importation of affordable second-hand vehicles, which is a scenario that is also increasing government revenue.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, Car from Japan offers a direct delivery service to the Zimbabwean Border(s). When you order a vehicle online, they let you choose a prefered Port and you will receive a quote with all costs up to the Zimbabwe border. If you buy your car from Car From Japan, they will arrange export and shipping from Japan which ensures us clients nothing else but convenience, what more would you need.

To add on, many high-quality used Japanese cars in stock at all times and every cars registered in Japan must be inspected every 2 years therefore most of the cars are well maintained. Road conditions are good in Japan with hardly any rough riding so tires are in good conditions.

You should pick me as a winner because i am an African who also needs to be emancipated. i am a auditor by profession and image is everything in this business, i could really use a car to move around with. it would make my life a lot easier.

thank you again.

Africa loves you and needs you

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