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Fernando chipa from Mozambique message

Fernando chipa from Mozambique message
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For the first time i saw this contest this year, I have expecting to win a car as a gift, since that day a start dreaming with Toyota ,if i win i need toyota altezza color white, interior color silver, air bag, abs system… to make taxi business to help me on my steady and life as I’m in the second grade of the university learning engineer mechanical this course is very expensive here in my country ,this year they don’t let me make the exams because I didn’t pay October and November as I lost my father, because of military conflicts, here in my country, now I have the responsibility of taking care of the family.
That is to difficult for me as I’m still going to the university, and I don’t have time to look for a job, to look for a job I must let the university behind. My wife is helping me with this spending, but it is not enough.
Please car from Japan, help me as you a giving us an opportunity, i feel that my Christmas present could be a car, I would solve part of problems with it.

About car from Japan, I feel that this company came’s to help people and make difference on the world, selling beautiful cars with high quality and resistance, and I really liked your website, because is too easy to find the car you want , as the website have divided the category on the cars.

Merry Christmas for all car from Japan team, and for all people who a reading a part of me.

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