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felix opilli from Kenya message

felix opilli from Kenya message
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Hi Hanna,thank you .First of all I work in the united nations which gives me an upper hand to market the Japan vehicles. I am currently undertaking a masters in MBA-Strategic management in USIU. Winning the car from Japan will help my movement from my House to work to University to my shop and back to my house before 10pm which is my daily routine.Car from japan are favorite because they are pocket friendly in terms of maintenance and easy availability of spare parts. It has always been my dream to own a car from Japan. Its something that I have shared with my Japanese friends in JICA and METI and they have always encouraged me to keep saving and own one. Japan used cars are hot cake here in Kenya because unlike other vehicles like Chevrolet and Ford whose value keeps depreciating, Japan used cars especially Toyota value keeps appreciating. My dream car from Japan is Toyota Harrier,Noah,Premio,Vanguard,v8 and Runx or Allex. Owning one in the near future will make me satisfied and make my movement easy from house to work to university to my business shop and back to my house before 10pm. I deserve to win the car because I stand in a better position to market the company and be an excellent ambassador of cars from Japan. Car from Japan are the real deal especially for developing countries like Kenya. It has served the Middle class well. Car from Japan and Africa are intimately joined and no one is bound to separate the two pals for many years to come. One thing that stands out about japan vehicles is the quality,comfort and affordable price.I cant imagine Africa without Japan vehicles.When I visited Uganda,I noticed that 90% of the vehicles in Kampala city are from Japan and the same applies in Nairobi.Simply put Africa is in motion or in transit or moving courtesy of Japanese used cars. To me car from Japan are adaptable to African terrain. The truth is Toyota is the best among all the Japan Vehicles. Subaru is good but its value keeps depreciating when in use.They need also to work on easy availability of spare parts.Currently I have seen Subaru spare parts shop along Mombasa road in Kenya.These has made Kenyans not to shy off from purchasing Subaru Vehicles. Mazda ,Nissan, Honda and other vehicles need to up their game in that front. My advice to all japan car manufacturers and suppliers is that they should take advantage of the Kenya County government system and exploit the new markets by establishing marketing cetres of their vehicles in each County. These will help to create more awareness to its customers and increase their sales.At the same time develop a close bond with the customers that will be difficult to break by cars from other countries.Its called placing yourself strategically in Marketing before other countries that export cars in Kenya think of doing the same.You would also save the pain most Kenyan customers go through to come to Nairobi to purchase Cars..Our roads are currently better and therefore more Kenyans are willing to buy Vehicles for business and personal use. I know I have mentioned about Toyota being my best car from Japan but that should not be taken to mean that other cars from Japan are not good.They(Other japan cars) are good and they are quite a hot cake here in Kenya.These days I see a lot of Nissan,Honda,Suzuki and Subaru almost everywhere in Kenya,Uganda,Tanzania and Rwandan Roads.Its quite clear that Japan cars are meant for Africa and for Africa to achieve their visions,missions and plans they have to embrace cars from Japan.Thank you for reading.

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