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Faith Halima Kirigha from Kenya message

Faith Halima Kirigha from Kenya message
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Why I need to be the Winner of a car from Japan

Through all of my accomplishments in life, I have always been proud of the dedication and enthusiasm I possess for my personal beliefs and values to emerge as a winner. I am confident that I will be one of the winners of a car from japan. I should be picked as a winner for this car because of the following reasons. First and foremost, I have done a lot of marketing for the company. I have tried as much as possible to use all means of marketing and advertising that is word of mouth and digital marketing which includes social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, WhatsApp, Emails and LinkedIn to contact my friends and friends of my friends in order to campaign and advertise about this Christmas competition. I have promised myself that I will continue creating awareness until the last day. I have taken this as a personal challenge and I am not giving up anytime soon.

I live very far from my place of work and I have to juggle every day between the house and the bus stop where I pick the public transport and/or motorbike. It is very difficult to use public transport because of the long rains this month that’s why I need this car from Japan to facilitate my transport from home to my work place. I usually use either motorbike or ‘matatu’ (public service vehicle) which turns out to be very hectic and inconveniencing at all times.
My three months old baby is the only inspiration to compete for this car. I went for a CS to get my baby and I strain when walking for long distances as I haven’t healed very well. This car will enable me commute easily with convenience. When I want to take my baby to the clinic for the vaccinations I usually hire a taxi which is very costly. That is why I need this Car from Japan to facilitate these important movements.

I love Japanese used cars because they are the most selling cars in Kenya. They have a good name for being the best manufactured vehicles, clean cars, easily maintainable, they also have resale value. If well maintained, one can sell it at almost the buying price. The spare parts are also widely available and ninety percent of the cars on Kenyan roads are cars from japan. This means you can walk into any garage in the country and have your car checked, fixed or serviced. Cars from Japan are considered to be the best as they are the most driven in Kenya. They are considered one of the best cars to own in the Kenyan market and that’s why I need a Japanese used car from Japan. Despite being 8 years old when being imported in Kenya they are usually in very good condition and always brand new.

In conclusion, all I can say is that Cars from Japan are simply the best! I believe that by the end of this competition I will be having one.

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