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Ezeoke Samuel from Nigeria message

Ezeoke Samuel from Nigeria message
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How do I think about car from japan?
Hmmm were I am from most populated black country in the world,a country freaked with cars with an estimation of 30-50million cars i.e an individual or a family with 2 or more cars.j
Also with an an average of 50-100 cars imported every month. How do I think about car from japan?.Apart from being a car freak I love innovation & trends of technology being an Engineer/it seeing new product or creation of different kind of technology. Am of the school of taught that ” The world is into globalisation with the word change allow the trends of science & technology.
Cars from japan are not left out in these trends in fact. If not the best, but of the best when it comes to science & technology. Examples are computers electrical/electronics components & appliances, mechanical component & gadgets games & most especially cars.
Furthermore due to the constant innovation and trends, obviously the usage of these cars in my country and many other countries have been tremendous, more import, sales and usage ranking it among the best used cars all over the world.
However it is not just about the trend & technology but the effectiveness,input capabilities, reability, life span, replaceable parts, speed level & accuracy, these features I believe japanese car are capable of having or have.
Actually in my country, japanese are mostly used by individuals, families, co operate organisation, government officials also the impact of japanese cars in my country as gone long way with purchase of different product example honda mistibushi, toyota etc.
In conclusion, how do I think about cars from japan? Simply the best, innovative having new trends of technology,great speed and accuracy, it one car that I have always been dreaming of having.

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