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Evaregisla Sambaya from Tanzania message

Evaregisla Sambaya from Tanzania message
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Hi Hana!
I’m very glad to get your text.
I deserve this car because, first of all I like Cars from Japan and they suit with our condition in Africa. Second I have wished for so long to become one of the representative of the great and quality brands like yours and I hope the time is now.I will be very glad if i will be chosen to be the ambassador of your car brands in Tanzania and for that I’m very sure that your hard work will be seen everywhere in East Africa and Africa at large.

Cars from Japan are the best cars ever. They sustain every environmental condition. They are good in rain and mud, they are also good in dry and all weather roads. Also the speed of these cars are incredible, these cars can walk very long distance without any problem. Apart from that the shape design and the colors are very impressive. cars from Japan are greatest car ever. They are good cars that every person will wish to have.

Yours, Evaregisla Sambaya.

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