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ETIANG PATRICK from Uganda message

ETIANG PATRICK from Uganda message
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hello Hana, i’m glad to be part of this competition, i really hope i win so i can have full proof to all my country men and women about your work. thanks so much all the best to all the contestants…

Now having looked through your service visa-vi the Ugandan market, i give you reasons as to why i should win this competition as seen below.

1).Carfromjapan website honestly are in a very good condition for the Ugandan market. There is relatively affordable for anyone who is willing to purchase one for themselves costs. This promo is worth the lifetime value of a loyal customer. In sales, service, parts, accessories and referrals. And goodwill. And free word-of-mouth advertising.

2).Holding that key In my hands will not only bring pride to me but also bond us (me and carfromjapan dealers), and think of your competition. Consider your revenue goals for the next quarter. Do you need to increase your new and used vehicle sales? Boost your parts & service department revenue? Multiply your accessories department revenue? Retain customers after their warranty runs out. This and many more I will talk and sing about wherever I go with my new car from carfromjapan promo.

3).Close more sales by beating competitors’ discounts, boost your service department revenue and repeat business. Retain customers for years after the sale, attract potential customers and increase traffic in your showroom, and lastly skyrock your revenue on the back by Promoting brand awareness of your dealership in Uganda where cheap, good quality cars are on highly increasingly on demand.

My thinking about car from japan is rather based on the previous testimonies from the winners from allover the world who have been participating in these competitions.This has shown me how humble and genuine you are to your clients allover the world. I strongly believe that with this kind of marketing plan through social media together with public relations campaigns car from japan will hit its turn over and win market in Africa more so in Uganda where the demand for cheap used and new cars is increasingly high.

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