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Eresmas Mwapagha from Kenya message

Eresmas Mwapagha from Kenya message
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Dear Car From Japan,


First, I would like to express my gratitude for this opportunity that you have given me to participate in this promotion. I call it a promotion because I feel a little uneasy to call it a competition. This is so because I believe that by any chance, if I happen to ‘win’ the car, or any other prize, it is not because I deserve it, but rather because you have been generous, kind and sincere enough to give and honour your promise.

Even though I am participating in this ‘promotion’ I can’t help but wonder how and what Car From Japan stands to gain by giving away a car. I most certainly don’t understand the full dynamics of Sales and Marketing, but it’s really hard for a novice like me to comprehend how someone would give what they sell, for free. I thank and commend your company for your kindness and generosity, in this age where many companies are more than ready to exploit their customers as opposed to helping them achieve their dreams.

Speaking of dreams, I have always dreamed of owning and driving my own Subaru Forester. I fell in love with that car since the first time I saw it. I know there are bigger, better and more expensive or classy cars that you have to offer, but when it came to selecting, I did not hesitate to choose the Subaru Forester. I just have this great ‘weakness’ of doing or getting things because I love them, rather than because they may bring me returns of any kind. I have never been in a Subaru Forester before, but I can always spot one even without hearing it’s ‘roar’ or even seeing the Subaru logo. Even my friends know that I love that car.

Well, that dream used to seem to be far fetched, until I saw your advertisement on facebook and decided to participate. And now, in a few days time, my beautiful dream may become a reality. Like Lupita Nyong’o said, “Every dream is valid.” I am really excited. I am so eager to drive that car. I am rearing to go! I am all ready for it. I have my driving licence and also a good deal of driving experience, all I need is the car and I will be on the road.

I know there is always a great reward from God for every good deed. Since I have nothing to offer Car From Japan except gratitude, I pray that this company and all the sponsors involved, may continue to grow, to achieve all the goals that are set, that you may surpass all competition and that you may be a blessing to the world.

Once again, thank you so much Car From Japan, may God less you.


Eresmas Mwapagha.
From Mombasa, Kenya.

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