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Elizabeth from Kenya message


Hi,am Elizabeth and I have been a follower of Car from Japan I have been reading all emails and admire a lot the cars and priced,I was interested in this car since the one that am using now was also bought from Japan by the person we ho sold it to me.Japanese used cars are the best one can have,since I have the experience of the one I am using and they are affordable,i.e their prices are low Which can enable any person. Who is of low earning just like me can afford to have one,I think I as should pick a winner since I love this cars and for I have been using this one to drop my son to school and later go to work ,I admire a lot having a new of my own ,for now I cannot afford to buy New one but given a gift of the christmas from Japan it will the happiest thing to end the year2015 and start a new year 2016 with,God bless You all the team from car from Japan and all sponsors MERRY CHRISTMAS

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