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Eliya Chengula from Tanzania message

Eliya Chengula from Tanzania message
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Firstly,am so humbled to be among the competitors and hope to win anything from car from japan
Reasons why you should choose me as a winner are;
Firstly,when i will win i will increase chance for your company to be known in even interior parts in Tanzania by promoting you through instagram,facebook na whatsapp so you should give me that chance to increase new buyers in the stock
Secondly,i have been dreaming of owning a car but there are some obstacles that hinders me to have mine this is due to financial problems so when i will win this it wil be a dream come true to me.

How i know Cars from japan is that;
Firstly,its a largest company in the world that deals with selling used cars from japan,these cars are in good condition that looks like they are new because cars from japan sells the best and quality cars and affordable in any place in the world especially in africa wea there seems to have poor roads
Secondly,cars from japan gives people a chance to complete their dreams,example for this xmass car give away they make a peson to win and fulfill their dreams

In conclusion Cars from japan is the best company never been before,even if i wont win i wil look forwad to have my car from this company
GOD bless you

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