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Elisha Ndirangu Kamakia from Kenya message

Elisha Ndirangu Kamakia from Kenya message
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Encounter with a Car From Japan…was just walking down the dusty road, with cars passing producing sickening noises that can scare away the birds in the wheat fields. Allover a sudden, an on coming white dazzling car emerges negotiating a bend and i was mouth agape!
The car was really cruising noticing was the logo on its nose..Toyota!
What a product, A car from Japan!
It just equalizes the potholes Parrrrhh!!!! and leaving a thick cloud of dust thinking its a rally day.
On foot and i can feel the taste of The Car From Japan, Wish i was experiencing this for real with my own, I would be glad.
Was on my way to the Market place and the sun was really scorching. I came to my senses after the dust had settled and stopped Dreaming. Just passing the bend , a hoot sounds from behind looking back it the car from Japan. What a hoot! T he car silently drives behind me -making me think the car was off, and the driver lowers the window so cool, i loved the way it just drops slowly and systematically. What a Car from Japan! Amazing…!
The driver had lost his way and he requested me to show him. I got so excited to get a free lift,not only by an ordinary car but a car from Japan with brand new registration.I surefooted like a goat to the left hand side,pulled the door lock that looked posh and the door sprung wide open for the young dusty sun baked man to enter.
Buy the interior looks of the car,it was like a plane.The seats were just fitting my posteriors like it was customized.My feet stepped a thin fur carpet feeling the softness and coolness.The car had controlled climate which makes you feel fresh and healthy despite the harsh conditions outsides. All this made my mouth agape.
The driver side was beyond description,the dashboard with lots of buttons and beautiful lighting . The car stereo was really looking smart and summing up, the music that rocked inside the car. As the car drove off i could feel myself in the air, What a Car From Japan.
Its was within a nick of a second and the driver was back on track.When i alighted i was left with lots of blue blistering barnacles….Ever own one? How much is it? Ever experience again? How do i get it? Lucky He who has it?
I really loved the car from Japan with my experience from that very day and would be quite grateful to own one to feel every moment of pride of Cars from Japans and sincerely you win my heart this Xmas!

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