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edwin from Kenya message


Yes thanks a lot for accepting my entry request.please i have been looking for an opportunity like this for so long now that i have come across this time then it would perfectly fit to be a Christmas present for me , i have been cherishing Japanese used cars for so long, but for now i cant afford one. But i see this as an overwhelming opportunity,it has come to my finger tips and my heart to express my desire and what i am willing to add into my achievements, so if i get me this, it will be one thing will market cars from japan. in my country as it is the country which people like flashy and wisely manufactured cars especially from japan because they look new as it was from the factory direct.and there for one can use it for many more years to come with good service. so please consider my request and you will never regret for choosing met to be the winner.i am so grateful for cars from japan and your company for your the exceptional, extra ordinary cars which are so natural every where in the world.they are of low mileage , very comfortable and very pocket friendly in pricing. its good i have found a way to express these and as well if all goes well i can win for just expressing something which is in my heart. thanks an you continue doing us proud for your model sky is the limit.

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