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dye dyue from Kenya message


i feel picked as a winner because Kenya being my own country most imported and driven cars are from japan and most young and old men talk a lot of this Japanese cars being perfect and durability. I will take the chance to be your brand ambassador here in Kenya and market your company plus the cars of durability as I live in the capital where most business people and young men deserve to drive good and better condition cars like Toyota, Subaru, BMW, Honda, Toyota Fielder, etc.

How do think about car from japan
If you’re interested in buying a car, reliability is probably on your mind. And if that’s the case, you’re probably seeking out Japanese vehicles, which are generally thought to be more reliable, strong, hard body, engines are durability and they serve good in remote areas places both off roads than cars from other countries. if i may give example early long time ago the first vehicle to tested or was tested here in Kenya was a Toyota pickup from Japan. The vehicle was tested once both off road and tarmac road and it was proofed to perfect and good condition therefore more stock was ordered and since then Toyota vehicle have been morel used here Kenya than other makes ever. so Kenya believes vehicles from Japan than other surrounding cars from other countries which have been proofed to be of poor standards and quality. Thanks

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