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Dr.Kidega Tonny from Uganda message

Dr.Kidega Tonny from Uganda message
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I am an avid user of Cars from Japan! I bought a Suzuki Escudo in 2008 Japanese used car and to date it has served me diligently and i have never been found on the roadside stuck with my Escudo! It has paid my Bills and continues to pay all my bills to date.Its fuel consumption has never punched a hole in my pocket! With the nature of our roads it has traversed all the terrains and never getting stuck.Because of its size it will maneuver through tighter and muddy spots.It just has a trusted differential lock! Its a car that is not expensive to maintain.
Yes cars from Japan Co are cheap and are delivered in time.The customer care is top notch. Every time you express an interest about a car.The customer care department will always follow you up with consistent phone calls and emails.They will send you several options to choose from and will make you feel that you can afford any car of your choice.Well our region clearly identifies with cars from Japan as almost 99.9% of the cars on our roads are from Japan.You have served the nation and boosted the economy.You have made us own cars that we thought were only for the rich! We have been able to reach the remotest part of our region on Japanese cars.Yes,now taxes have been increased on Japanese used cars but you guy have also reduced the cost of your cars and making it actually more affordable.Even cost on new cars from Japan have been reduced by you guys and that makes everyone even more excited to own a Japanese used car or new car from Japan.The cars are cheap and yet endowed with almost all the modern systems on the dashboard.
You guys understand the need and style of every region of the world and just supply the car that suits the style and will solve the need of that region.
Bravo Japanese CO.
Dr.Tonny K

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