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Denis Naserian from Kenya message


To Car From Japan,

First of all allow me to show my gratitude and appreciation for creating this amazing opportunity. I am humbled and confident that I will be amongst the top winners.

I love cars and I am very passionate about them. It’s so unfortunate I don’t have one yet but every single night before I close my eyes to go to sleep, I think about that Volkswagen Golf GTI (2012 model to be specific) that I will own one day. I love the spacious straightforward interior design and high-end materials. Folding the GTI’s rear seats opens up 46 cubic feet of cargo space, which is very good compared with other vehicles’ cargo areas in the class. Other features that I love include the sound system, push-button start, navigation, leather upholstery and the sunroof.

Car from Japan has really digitized the process of purchasing a car. Right now it so easy to order and get your favorite car delivered straight at your doorstep especially in a country like Kenya where the car business is on the rise. I can easily visit the site and get to compare the prizes from the local sellers. I love the idea of online shopping. I also like that you provide customer support via emails and direct line.

As i conclude, allow me to say that owning a car from you will be a great joy not to me alone but to anyone out there who is passionate about cars. I love the marketing strategy and I hope more people will participate to make the competition more challenging and interesting.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Dennis Naserian,
Mobile No. ; +254727046659

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