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denis laizer from Tanzania message


Car from japan,
first to thank god for everything and a pleasure to join this competition as a young African man you should pick me as a winner as a thanksgiving to god for everything for the 2015 year, then this will be a chance to make a permanent business relationship between me and you,i always desire a car but i cant afford it as soon as i need this will be a chance for me to have it from you for the benefit of you and me in terms as advertisement i trust in myself and believe in my talents and using my occupancy in my country i will promote your market availability through recognition of this competition,personally me and all i know use it for service and access and for others help whenever possible as you know Africans live as family.
i promise this car once given to me will be used not as personal but public most of times ,whenever possible, i will bless others through activities like carrying pregnant women to hospitals,access remote places help others in need, as a key holder and driver i will use my best efforts to use the car in this way also not lying leisure many people desire a lift to leisure safaris why not as someone who always be there to assist in carrying then MOVE PEOPLE FURTHER AND FURTHER many will join me to beach routes,fun places wild safaris parties also since it will be a God blessing
trust in mi am multidisciplinary from architecture,it ,business,automobile broad in interests and always want to learn new things humble guy and want to share and influence others ready as example to make a change in the world in every small chances i get so this is also a BIG chance too

from the small amount of time i have learned of you as one of big companies for car sales and export from japan with a a big collection of cars compared to other companies which i would say they outsmart you in advertisements such as be forward,sbt,auto rec e.c.t they are widely advertised in my country but to be honest your company was not much familiar to me but after survey you guys have large car stock and diverse compared to other companies which i had known previous and i used to visit their sites frequently about automobile information but i could find few cars in stock and also let me appreciate your cars stock for having latest cars and almost each car brand for instance other brands are rare such as Lamborghini ,Porsche in other stocks though in my country few can afford such brands but i can get information from car from japan since they are available

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