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Dean Mulozi from Zambia message

Dean Mulozi from Zambia message
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Dear Hana,
The reason why you should pick me as a winner is because I have all along liked driving Cars From Japan. If I win the Car From Japan will help to tarnsport me and my family to work, to school and to weekends to visit other family members. That is why I should win a Car From Japan Competition,

I think that the coming of the Car From Japan to the market will help to support transport in Africa and other places around the world. The Cars From Japan are reliable with minimal and less maintanance costs.

Africa needs reliable cars that are not expensive, less maintanance and easy to drive. The Cars from Japan are reliable and good for Africa.

Though Cars From Japan are labelled ‘Used’, they look alsomost new when they arrive in Africa. Many Africans appreciate the Cars From Japan.

I will therefore encourage many Africans to buy Cars From Japan LTD due to the above reasons.

Thanks you very much

Dean from zambia

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