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Daveson kiptoo from Kenya message

Daveson kiptoo from Kenya message
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First i would like to thank Car From Japan for the opportunity to participate on this competition, I’m really grateful and hope to win. Owning a car has always been my dream and i believe my first car will be from this prestigious company.

Why should i be picked by Car From Japan? First and most important is that I’m a student and a car will assist me to move more quickly thus save time and energy.By this i will increase my study time and not only get a first class bt also a distinction.
Furthermore, I’m a business minded person and hope to venture in many lines of business, that requires more traveling ,this will be made easier if i own a car.
Upon graduation, i have layed down plans of various businesses that i ought to start.For this to go efficiently, a car will be to my advantage..

I am, not to mention, a tourist .Traveling is my hobby and by having a car ill definitely explore and visit more areas.Take my family and friends to places they have never been before and have fun. Finally by winning in this competition, it will be a dream came true.

Japanese used cars have been serviced well by qualified engineer, your site is also simplified and comprehensive ,I love how you conduct this competition in a fair and transparent manner, finally I like your quick response to queries and how you keep your customers informed.
I’m short of words to describe you ,Car From Japan you are the best!

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