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Daniel Charo from Tanzania message

Daniel Charo from Tanzania message
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As a youth who have desires and plans but still straggling on income seen an opportunity like this i had no second thought to apply, owning a desire car in my current situation it’s was nearly imposible to achieve in a moment. And this doesn’t mean i have not tried to look and search for cars to buy i have come upon many sites implying that they import cars from differnt countries include japan and most of them i found difficulty to trust but not i have seen some few people use this site and receive there cars successful.
Taxes freight and bondage fee are quite high in my country and sometimes even three times the price of the car itself so it was a challenge for me to import a car but with this opporrunity i will be able atleast reduce a huge some of cost and own my dream car
Also there is no price as cheap as carfromjapan from my home country all prices a flying high even for the used car itself so it causes me to wait until that day am read to make an opportunity cost to buy a car and let go of other uses. And sometimes these sellers price there cars just because there on demand, also a used carfromjapan honestly its like a car ised for few days
I believe am not trying to explain great part of my problems rather trying to show how the reality is and most youth on my country are straggling from in the all process to get there desired cars
Winning this car sure will not just fulllfil my dreams but also reveal me to another chapter that i will never forget.

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