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damian kilonzo from Kenya message

damian kilonzo from Kenya message
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hi japanese used car? i am very happy to get a chance like this.. i thank you all for the nice job you are doing all over the country and also boosting the transport industry. as for me, you have done a lot of work in my country kenya. almost 75%of cars which are used in kenya have been bought from japanese used car. this mean that many people are importing their cars from you. a friend of mine wanted to buy a car and he was advised to import from you. i liked this because he only communicated with you on line and we with no time the car was delivered even in a better condition than he thought. the on line order of product made me create interest with you. from him, i gained much interest in importing cars from you. my future plan is to start selling used cars from japan. i will make sure i will be ordering my products from you. this is because you have provided even the best payment security in terms of transactions. when someone orders a car its also delivered to the port in payment of the required barriers. this reduces burden to the buyer hence making it easier to buy a car from japanese used cars. if it happens i win this car you are giving out as a gift i promise i will market in kenya and all over the world if given the chance. not many companies are doing product promotions like japanese used cars. this is a good activity and hence you even encourage those people that do not have the power to own their own cars through this promotion method. i like checking also in on line japanese used cars the type and year of cars. you have almost all types of cars in stock. this makes it easy for a buyer to purchase a car of his or her own choice and also the year of choice. japanese used cars are cheaper and affordable as compared to prises of used cars in other companies. this is drawing more attension and specifically in my country. people are really creating more of interest in purchasing cars from japanese used car. the cars are as clean as new and well maintained and serviced and also checked before they are shipped to their destination. thank you. DAMIAN KILONZO.

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