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Damas Michael from Tanzania message


It has always been a dream to drive a Japanese car. I fulfilled that few years ago tjough I adnit I didn’t know anything about car fro Japan by then. It is now a proper time to fulfill another dream of awarding my spouse a car of Har dream. I am highly convinced Car from Japan will be in the centra role to fulfill this ambition.
This will give you an opportunity to advertise the company in the fast growing market in Eastern Africa and Tanzania in particular.
As you may know Tanzania is bordered to eight countries most of which uses Dar port to import their cars. In addition the intratrade btn these countries enable movement of people in and out of Tanzania. If I win the Car am sure will have a big impact to your company as there will be alot who will see and be interested buying cars from your company. How about the friends and families arround me!? Those are great potential customers too as the passion with your company can not be over emphasized.
I can see the bright future of your company in Tanzania me being your ambassador

Hope it works in the right way.

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