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Cyprian Aende from Kenya message


First of all am excited to participate in this competition which is not only lucrative at the end but also a brilliant idea to uplift.
Cars from Japan ranks as one of the most efficient cars all over the world. What rates them above the rest is their ability to suit all kinds of environment. They are made to match all weather unlike most others.
One of the most considerations car buyers from my country consider when planning to buy a car is rate of fuel consumption, type of fuel cars use, cost and availability of body parts, condition of the used car and duration the car has been in use.
Amongst all these indicators mentioned above, Japanese used cars have always fit in these considerations. For instance Toyota cars ranks in high number because they are affordable to most buyers, daily fuel consumption is at lowest. A Toyota hilux double cabin in Kenya can atleast use Ksh.2000 worth of diesel to cover a distance of one hundred kilometers which is so efficient for an average Kenyan.
Am entering into this competition with a view of winning and that makes it number one reason to be considered by the selection panel. As a marketing strategy, i want to make sure that most people are linked to this competition and as many people as possible click to my and apply. Of course this will be my first car should I win and it will go along way in further motivating me to never stop marketing Japanese carsvlong after this competition is over. I had also previously participated in a similar competition and I earned quiet good points and my ranking showed my determination to market Japanese cars.

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