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Colletha Kokayi from Zimbabwe message

Colletha Kokayi from Zimbabwe message
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I would like to thank Car From Japan for introducing this competition. I also thank the valued sponsors who have made this competition a success. Car From Japan has enabled me to communicate with people who I had lost touch with because of its generosity by allowing me to invite friend and relatives to join the competition.
I got to know about Car From Japan when I was asked by my boss to look for a car for his son. The vehicles from Car From Japan are very new and in good condition. Unlike other car dealers where you find some components missing from the car, my boss was very satisfied with the service he got.

I am hoping to win this competition because I have introduced somebody and helped them to buy a car from japan and he is very happy. He is also spreading the word and thereby making more people aware of Car From Japan. If I win the competition, many more people will get to know about Car From Japan because I work at a university with a student population of 25000 and a staff compliment of 3000 so if all these people can get to know about Car From Japan and buy cars I would have put Car From Japan on the map in Zimbabwe.
I deserve to win because I am tired of public transport. Although I cannot afford to buy my own vehicle, I have the desire to drive one some day. I have even acquired a driver’s licence in anticipation of winning this competition! I am already seeing myself driving the car!

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