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Cleophas Mwashighadi from Kenya message

Cleophas Mwashighadi from Kenya message
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Hey Car form Japan, I would like you to pick me as the winner because I have always longed to own a car especially from Japan but due to financial constraints I can’t afford one, so it will be a dream come true if you choose me as a winner.

This will facilitate me running my daily errands and going to work as well as help me when travelling with my wife and kid given the fact that I was blessed with a baby boy three months ago and travelling by public means with the baby proves to be hectic especially when taking him to the hospital or even when visiting my family, relatives and friends since I live in town and my parents live almost 2000 Km away from town so travelling to go see them is not an easy thing because I am forced to book a bus which has specific travelling schedules and has speed limits so the journey is normally so hectic and tiresome but with my own car I can travel at my own time without any inconveniencies.

On top of that I will be hiring it and also use it as a taxi therefore it will create employment and also, it will be as means of income to me because I am the sole bread winner since my wife isn’t working so it will help in bettering my life and the life of my kid because I will open an account for him and save some money for his future education.

So car from Japan kindly help me achieve this dream which I have always yearned in my entire life because also in our family or neighborhood no one has ever owned avcar so this will be the best news to them if you help me own one.

May God bless the entire team from Car From Japan.

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