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Clement Chinama from Zambia message

Clement Chinama from Zambia message
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First off i want to extend my gratitude for this fine and wonderful opportunity to win a Car From Japan, also to thank the team at Car From Japan for the work they are doing, it really means a lot for people to give back to people they really do not even know, and it also shows just how much committed this team at Car From Japan really is when it comes to customer as well as marketing relations.
I believe i should be picked as winner, reason being that apart from the fact that am a student, having a good vehicle by your side really simplifies ones life, movement will be easier and you get to get to your destination quicker. Another point is that right now i really cannot afford buying a care as well as paying for import and clearing duties.
On the other hand if i won a car though, i would organize some funds to have it cleared.
I don’t think, I know that, Japanese used cars are a real value for your money, especially here in Africa, Zambia to be specific where not all roads are well done Japanese used car (s) really do fit in very well, they are strong, very reliable in that, when you purchase a Japanese Used Car, keep it well, service it when needed and drive it under the right conditions in which that car should be driven, it can really serve you loyally.
Japanese Used Car (s) are know for being very fuel efficient for example the Toyota Vitz, i personally i feel that it is a marvel of engineering, a great engine because its able to use as little fuel as possible while taking you where ever you want to go and for me looking at my current financial standing as of right now, that is an additional A+.
Spare parts are easy to find as well because the amount of companies that make Car From Japan are a lot and most of them provide spares for all there vehicles.
So all in all Japanese Used Cars or Cars From Japan are truly a great find and if you can get your self hands onto one for free through this competition even better for you.
So I hope i win because a car will significantly change my entire life. I would also like to wish my fellow competitors all the best i this competition.

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