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Christine Awuor Owala from Kenya message


Hallo Hana.

Thank you so much for this opportunity given to me to participate in the X-mas Competition. I have always desired to own a car and it is my prayer that I will make it. Despite me receiving mails from Car from Japan and admiring the various models, I have not been able to get money that would enable me buy a vehicle. My reasons of as to why I should be picked as one of the winners is that the vehicle would be so handy to me because it would make me travel around quiet easily. I have a small daughter [3] three years old and whenever the weather changes i.e. rainy seasons in Kenya, its quite cumbersome going places with her. She also loves vehicles alot and whenever we get a lift on a friends vehicle, she never wants to get off whenever we reach our destination. The vehicle would also help me so much if I am to travel to the village/up-country by easing my travel as it is about 430km from the Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya where I stay. Funnily enough through my desire of owning a vehicle, I attended a driving school in the year 2000, which is about 15 years ago and have been renewing my driving license yearly. Unfortunately between 2006 and 2008 or thereabout I was mugged where I lost everything including my driving license which was always in my handbag though I have not owned a vehicle. Despite this, I still sought a replacement which I have with me. I have also noted from the emails that I receive, Car from Japan have been having great deals i.e. the vehicles are not so expensive. The other thing about vehicles from japan is that the is accessibility of spare parts to replace incase need be. I have also been told by friends and relatives who have cars from Japan that their care centres are very customer friendly and that the cars are also durable. I would really be grateful as this seems to be my chance of owning a vehicle.

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