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CHIMWEMWE BWANAISA from Malawi message

CHIMWEMWE BWANAISA from Malawi message
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Dear Hana Yurimoto,

I’m so glad to be part of this promotion. I happen to be one of those people in Malawi who appreciates the working relationships the people of Japan and Malawi have. A very good example is the current sponsorship that Be forward-car dealers from Japan are giving to the local football team l love most-Mighty Wanderers currently known as Be forward Mighty wanderers. And in returns, I want to promote any car from Japan in any way possible. You may wish to know that most Malawians are farmers who are not familiar with social media but will be interested and willing to buy a car from Japan. The most encouraging thing is the good perception that most Malawians has regarding goods and commodities from Japan. People here understand Japan goods including Japanese used car as of good quality and durable as compared to China goods which are short-lived. Being a teacher by professional and current administrator of a health insurance company, I have all the working knowledge on how to present, market and sell goods and services. I also boost of having a great network through my current work which involves interacting with both high profile people from various companies and business people. Winning the car will even help me to reach out and market to those people who might not be on social media.

Thank you so much for registering me.

Kind regards


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