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Celiss Wang from Singapore message


I would love to win this free car through your contest, first of all this is an authentic giveaway and from a reputable and recognized company in Japan. Secondly I am desperate to win the car because in order to buy a normal sedan car in Singapore, it can easily costs up to SGD 100K (car + COE) over as government imposed COE (Certificate Of Entitlement), which means without this piece of official document, this paper only allows the driver to own a car for 10 years, after which everyone has to rebid or buy a new COE again. This means a person with a driving license also cannot possess or purchase a car. A driver needs to bid for the COE prior to buying a car. Thus, if I win the car from Car from Japan, I get to save almost 50% or more of my personal savings to just buy the car itself, and all I need to do next is pay SGD 50K+ for the COE only. Many Singaporeans have difficult times to purchase a brand new car right now due to this COE situation. This is particularly crucial for drivers like us who need a new car because every 10 years, all drivers must buy or bid for the new COE again. I am in need of the car due to work purposes. Please choose me to be one of the 2 winners, I also understand that the transport or shipping port fees are inclusive too. I will be deeply grateful for this and willing to participate in your marketing campaigns for your promotional use. Thank you Santa Claus Car From Japan for hosting this unbelievable giveaway for this Christmas.

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