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Celestine Sims from Kenya message

Celestine Sims from Kenya message
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Car from Japan is a great initiative to improve the lives of those who may otherwise not afford to buy a vehicle for one reason or another. Most Japanese used cars in my Kenya are as good as new. They new ones are the best though! The luxury and surety of traveling from tarmac to rugged terrain is guaranteed. Car from Japan has eased the transport means in Kenya,being a large country with developing infrastructure.
Being a festive season, people are traveling from place to place for holiday, camping, parties and shopping. The cost of hiring a vehicle is very high due to the season, leaving only those with personal vehicles to enjoy the freedom of traveling anywhere they wish to at any time. I wish I was among those enjoying the freedom by driving my own car from Japan. It will be a dream come true and a gateway to buying more cars from japan in the near future!
I have never owned a car of my own. It would be a great boost if I win a Car from Japan because they have the best vehicles for the type of terrain in my home country Kenya. Just recently, I registered a company to deal with supplies and contractors. I am optimistic that I will qualify for many tenders to supply materials and items this coming new year of 2016. It will be a great boost if I win a car from Japan: Not only will it ease my movement from place to place in search of more business opportunities, it will also facilitate transportation of materials and supplies to different recipients from different parts of the country.
This is not the first time I have contested for a car from Japan; I haven’t given up yet because I believe it is a real competition that can change my life forever. It will be also be great and cost saving to move my autistic daughter to therapy and other recreational places to improve her social skills. Currently, I risk our lives by boarding motorcycles to move from place to place since taxi services are very expensive.
This car that I will win will serve multipurpose functions for me, my family and my young business. With returns from my company, I will be able to maintain the vehicle and even buy another car from Japan to expand my territory! They say a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step; I have just made my first step by expressing my interest in this noble initiative.
Whatever model or make you got, new or used, the best deal is Car from Japan and it never disappoints. Visit our Mombasa port and witness what I am talking about!

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