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Cecilia Mwale from Zambia message


Why should you pick on me? I really need it for my movement especially next year when i get into school , i have more schedules and i have to drive home 1 hour 30 minutes minimal because it gets so congested. Besides we have one car available and so my husband has to wait for me until 19 hours daily knock off time. To have and drive my own car would be a dream come true for a landrover freelander 2015 model!. I have always dreamt to drive one and this would be excellent timing to pick up and drop my daughter at school mid next year. And that means i can pick up my husband and drop him off to work and i can drive to the gym conveniently. And my parents live on the Copperbelt minimal 6 hour drive and this would be a golden opportunity to visit my parents often. Life doesn’t get better without friends i can use the car to tour round beautiful places here in my country and perfect fit for the site visiting. Life is more meaningful to celebrate your achievement with loves ones even in it is a small circle what matters is that they are or will be happy to share their joy with me.

How i think about Car Japan, the country has solid goodwill on products and services and as such CAR JAPAN is not an exception to this! Lets start from road network despite the cars being second hand i find them to be absolutely usable in my country for many years except our road network will kill us at some point. So depending on your location and accessing other resources at some point may require a Zambia pass through a hilly bumpy and gravel roads.

Your marketing skills employed here rest assured the enable countries for second hand cars will keep building and maintain business for future sales. I have not come across this kind and the first time and following through spreading good news so the world could know how passionate the majority are with purchasing vehicles with your firm.

They say “do not look a gift horse in the mouth ” meaning accept a gift not for the value but for the sentiments that come along with it. And i got the chance to win this car, this will leave an eternal mark in my life as well as my family and those close at heart.

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