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Casey from Canada message


You should pick myself and my family to win a vehicle as I have never actually never owned a new vehicle. My family would benefit from a Car From Japan because we deserve the best quality and thats in a Japanese used car. We deserve this opportunity because we are caring, loving, hardworking people that need a break, as times are tough right now and I want the best for my family whom I couldn’t ask for a better family. Not only do we deserve to win but we are good people with big hearts and during the Christmas Holidays we love to travel to spend time with loved ones. So winning a vehicle would help tremendously with traveling as we have a 6 year old boy and a 20 month old girl who don’t like to sit in a vehicle for more than an hour at a time so receiving a vehicle that is cozy, reliable relaxing and comfortable for the kids is a big deal and it would also be great if myself and my hubby could enjoy a nice quiet drive. You have no idea how much this opportunity would benefit our family and I hope deep down in your hearts you will choose the best family possible. Thank you so much and I hope we will here from you very soon.

Casey, Tyler, Aiden and Ava ?

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