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Calixtus Patrick ETOKUDO from Malawi message

Calixtus Patrick ETOKUDO from Malawi message
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I am just an ordinary person but I love beautiful things. The cars you parade on your site are just too beautiful not to attract anybody’s attention. Of course a lot of people would want to picked as winners, but I see myself as willing to go the extra mile to promote Car From Japan using my capacity as a winner. Choose me as a winner not because I am a very good writer who can convince you through what I write but because I am addicted to your site and would want to do anything possible to publicize your company in my own community. I have witnessed other car dealers advertise their products; it is only your adverts that stand out as a company that has the customers at heart besides the profit you want to make.
I have the ambition of one day becoming a representative of a car dealing company and I am just crazy about Car From Japan. I see myself as a future affiliate of Car From Japan. This is my second time to join your company’s competition; my dream is that one day I will win and represent you in this part of Africa.
I know that a company of high reputation like yours would be looking for a committed fan of your company, astute, brilliant and charming person with excellent marketing skills to market your product in the community, and all these are what I stand for. I want to complement your effort and assist you to sell more cars in Africa. Most people here cannot afford new vehicles; so your fairly used second-hand cars help to alleviate our suffering here in Africa.

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