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You may think that there is a serious problem with a used car imported from Japan because of the low mileage on the engine or you may think that the salesperson is trying to scam you out of your money. The truth is that cars in Japan are known for having low mileage and are put out of service after only 4 or 5 years. The reason for this is the Shaken Law which governs the use of vehicles in this country.
The Shaken program aids in the sale of Japanese cars in other parts of the world because it is very difficult to obtain a used car with such low mileage and one that is in such exceptional condition. Even if you are not in the market for a used car and you only need a replacement engine you would be wise to shop around for one that has been imported from Japan. You can be sure that the engine has been maintained on a regular basis and that it does have the actual low mileage you are looking for.

What is the Shaken Law?

This is a vehicle registration program that involves the most stringent inspection of vehicles of any country in the world. Through this program the Japanese government can be sure that only safe vehicles are permitted to drive on the streets and highways of the country. Any vehicle that has been deemed to be unfit for driving has a red sticker applied making it against the law for the owner to use it.

The roads in Japan are in good condition and because of the large numbers of vehicles speeding is rare. You know that the engine has not received any amount of wear and tear and that it is a good buy for you. Because of the restrictions placed on driving older cars in Japan it is entirely possible to purchase a vehicle with incredibly low mileage and save money by buying used rather than new.

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