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Baluku Bob Moris from Uganda message

Baluku Bob Moris from Uganda message
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Actually to be sincere from the bottom of my heart, today has been the first time for me to see a post of car from Japan on my Facebook wall. however all along i have been reading about Japanese cars and how they best suit our conditions in Africa and to be particular my country Uganda. Some of my friends own Japanese used cars and they have always looked attractive to me and most of them are fuel use friendly, examples i have seen the Raum, Mark II, premio and spacio.
more so i feel i should be picked as the winner because of the love and passion i have for Japanese used cars, and it has always been a dream for me to acquire one therefore i see this as an opportunity which has come my way.
lastly car from Japan is really an interesting prize giving initiative and am sure it is changing the lives of those people who have so far won cars and am sure it will continue to do the same to the future winners.
Baluku Bob Moris

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