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Aramayis Grigoryan from Armenia message

Aramayis Grigoryan from Armenia message
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I have decided to participate in this event since I have heard much positive about it. The feedbacks I have read about Car from Japan allows me to be confident in accordance to fairness of the contest.
So why should I be selected as a winner? I am just a common user of this platform, and actually nothing takes me out from the crowd of other users. However, my desire to win is on a very high level. Why do I want to buy/win from this platform? The Japanese used cars are famous for their good conditions even if they were driven almost 150 thousand kilometers.
Unfortunately, the salary in my country is not that much high so I can not afford a high costing car, however, I need car for my daily activities, which include going to workplace and back to home, going to countryside and hanging out with family and friends.
Hope, I will be much luckier this time than during the previous Car Giveaway organised by Car From Japan and I will find my name in the list of winners.
Good luck to the all participants and all the best to Car From Japan.

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