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Antony kaombe from Malawi message

Antony kaombe from Malawi message
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It’s nice to be one of the contestants of Car From Japan Xmas giveaway car.I think car from Japan is really helping alot of people….the cars are cheap,strong and comfortable when you are driving.I can’t wait to drive my car from Japan before the year ends…Iam very excited…and I have no doubts Ian winning this car.When I win this car I Will make sure I advise my friends to buy cars from you and definitely I will be In the news paper.In Malawi there are now alot of people who want to buy cars from Japan but they lack advice.I promise to work with you as a representative in Malawi.

we can do better than other car exporters of we really advertise and make malawians know more about car from Japan.Alot of people are failing to do business online because they are always afraid from scammers and fraudsters.I guess if I win and become the representative of your brand here in Malawi,people wont doubt to do business with you.

I have seen people failing to make payments in time because they don’t have a right person to talk to them and to give them advice.If I win,I will talk to the banks to be processing the transaction of our customers in time and I will make sure I introduce our brand to companies,school teachers,nurses and doctors and even in rural areas .targeting tobacco farmers for they do have alot of money by the end of every season

Antony kaombe

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