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anthony k. makalicha from Zambia message

anthony k. makalicha from Zambia message
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It is because iam a customer who has bought a vehicle from you once, and iam suppose to be picked as a winner because i want a new car but have limited finances. and besides that i love cars supplied by your company because they are of good quality. You should pick me as a winner because not only will people see the vehicle with me but i will be able to market the product on your behalf because i have good marketing skills. Iam a student and i will advertise your products to my fellow students.
How i think about cars from Japan is that, the cars that this company supplies are genuine and are in ever in good conditions and they are sold at affordable prices, and carter for different market shares for different people with different incomes.
Cars from Japan are reliable because the company is a big company and as a buyer you have nothing to worry about while you shop from them.
Iam looking forward to receiving my car from you Thank you.


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