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Annie Muthami from Kenya message

Annie Muthami from Kenya message
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I have had the privilege of interacting with some of my friends who have imported cars from Japan. They tell me out of experience the cars are cheap, the accessories are readily available in the market, the exporters are reliable and they also have various brands to choose from.

They also told me Japanese used cars are the cheapest worldwide. Its very expensive to buy a new car from our showrooms, hence importing from Japan is much more cheaper.

I dream of driving one day and who knows this could be my time. I love CRV Honda, it looks sleek and its a heavy duty for all occasions.

Why Me? I want to experience the quality of cars sold from Japan and drive my first car as well from Japan.

So in this competition the Car from Japan Slogan changes from (Find.Buy.Drive) to (Find.Win.Drive)


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