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Angupale Derek Andrew from Uganda message

Angupale Derek Andrew from Uganda message
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Hi Hana,
It is nice to be part of the Car From Japan Christmas competition. Getting a Japanese used car is different from getting a Ugandan used car unless the person who sells the car is a relative who might have someone issue to solve.

When you (Car From Japan) pick me as the winner would promote Car From Japan from my region in which no person has ever promoted Car From Japan.

Another thing is that the used cars from Car From Japan and any Japanese used cars are more better than any used car in Uganda particularly when bought from unknown person.

I would recommend that the Chief Marketing Officer, Car From Japan Co. Ltd opens an office here in my region even it is only a small office just to answer quarries from customers, that would help promote Japanese used cars from Car From Japan.

Thank you for offering us this chance for competition.
Andrew Angupale
Tel: +256772923084

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