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Amiel from Rwanda message
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Before you announce your contest, write some rules and regulations for the promotion. Car From Japan you must follow but there is one unwritten rule that we always include in our contest regulations — we tell our users how we will select a winner.
There are a few things that we’ve learned work well:
The more transparent and specific you are with your fans the better. Whether you plan on having a panel of judges, one judge, or a tool that randomly selects a winner, explain in full detail how a winner will be selected.
• Include any details that will go into the winner-selection process. For example, if you’re running a photo contest and you plan to judge based on picture relevance, creativity or lighting, be sure to include these criteria in your rules.
• Disclose how you will contact the winner and the guidelines that go along with the selection process. When we select contest winners we first notify them by email and then give them between 15-30 days to confirm that they received the email notification. If we don’t receive the confirmation, we move on to the next winner. This is an example of the type of information to include in your rules and regulations.
• Don’t forget to include the fact that you (the contest sponsor) have the right to change the winner selection at any point in time, just in case you run into any hiccups along the way.
If you’re running a contest that has a long list of judging criteria you will have to sit down with your team and separate the ones that meet the criteria from those that don’t. From there your team can choose a winner, or you can use a random entry picker tool — we have such a tool in our database system to make it easy to select a winner. You can choose between one and 2 winners, filter entries, allow the same entry to be chosen more than once, and give an extra chance to win to those who have shared the contest with their friends.
If you’re interested in being transparent about picking a winner, try videotaping your winner selection process. You can see an example
We thought this was pretty cool, it gives fans a firsthand look at how you select your winner so they know they didn’t get cheated in any way
Diesels are bad for the environment. The Prius is good for the environment. Bigger is safer. American cars are junk. As someone who constantly gives advice to people who want insight before they buy a new vehicle it’s amazing how stunningly wrong people are about the state of modern cars. Correct your assumptions or risk getting screwed.
Some of these wrongheaded beliefs are encouraged by car companies and marketing experts, while others are earnest biases formed by years of experience that are nevertheless out-of-date.
If you’re an enthusiast you know all this and can just refer friends to this article. If you’re going to buy a new car I’ve decided to address the most common misapprehensions below.

Japanese Cars Are Good,

Here’s a fact that will blow your mind: The worst new car you can buy today is a Japanese car. While Mitsubishi was once a great car company, the 2012 Mitsubishi Galant (still for sale at some dealerships) is absolute crap. The new Mitsubishi Lancer isn’t that much better. And the Mirage? Don’t get me started.
The same goes for storied nameplates. Cars like the new Civic and Corolla aren’t bad, exactly, but there’s a similar or better American or Korean alternative in nearly every class of car you can imagine. Want an Acura? You may be surprised that Buick actually makes the car you probably you want.
cars are good for the environment, just accept that. There’s not a magical tree in Northern Japan that drops little fully formed from its branches to be collected by elves and shipped to rich environmentalists. The construction of any car not made from mud is a dirty process.
At best, you can get a car that’s less bad. If you really wanted to help the environment you’d drive less, move to an urban center, take public transit, get a bike, and compost.
Don’t think that buying a Prius will exempt you from your behavior, I don’t care how many ads they show with it shitting rainbows in a magical forest. If you lose a car that gets half the mileage of a Prius but drive twice as much the impact is the same.

This is tricky as there are factors most people don’t consider.
Yes, if you’re in a Miata and someone else is in Suburban that’s going to be worse for you. There’s no getting around that.
Smaller, lighter vehicles generally offer less protection than larger, heavier ones.
But let’s go deeper into those physics. Force = Mass x Acceleration so the bigger and heavier your car, the more force there will be in the accident. Two Suburbans crashing into one another at the same speed as two Miatdoing the same creates a lot more force on account of there being more mass.
Overall, your best defense against dying in a car accident is not getting into one in the first place and the bigger and heavier your vehicle is, generally, the harder it is for you to avoid a crash.

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