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Américo Matavele from Mozambique message

Américo Matavele from Mozambique message
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I would like to win, because in my country the individual economic situation is improving for young people, and the main cities are full to build a family and live in.

So, the new families are moving to the country. But the comercial and public services, as Ministries, schools, banks, so on, are still in the city, so these new families must go everyday to the city. Tha public transport is almost inexistent, so people will need a car for these moviments.

And where we can pick a good car, guaranteed and easy to manage? These are only CARs FROM JAPAN, because JAPANESE USED CARs are what everybody are using due to the facility to get it, and less burocracy envolved.

Almost CARs FROM JAPAN suits the african wheather, and they take long time serving. And why I said that the young families will increase the JAPANESE USED CARs use? Because are so cheap, and easy to purchase.

If we look to the past, Mozambique was one of the less buyers of JAPANESE USED CARs, but now it climbing the ladder, and it is now days a serious and special buyer of CARs FROM JAPAN.

The capital city Maputo, is one of the big buyers of JAPANESE USED CARs, and the european market is loosing it to the JAPANESE USED CARs, because, as I said previously, CAR FROM JAPAN suits local weather and climate conditions, so people are conscient that the only car that can give advantage are CARS FROM JAPAN.

Toyota. Let´s talk about Toyota. It is impossible to drive in a single road in Mozambique and dont see a Toyota. It is norma that in a group of 10 cars, eight ou nine are Toyota, snce minibuses, suvs, sedan and so on. Toyota is the MAIN CAR in this part of the world, and we enjoy it!

In few years, Mozambique is going to be the main african market for JAPANESE USED CARs, and I am so glad that it will improve our capacity of moviment, saving time and money, by using JAPANESE USED CARs.

So, Mozambique is going to be the main importer of japanese cars, because besides the cars being resistent and having no problem with our weather, it don´t need so much for maintenance.

So CAR FROM JAPAN have one big market growing, and JAPANESE USED CARs are main the target for this market.

If I win (I will), I am a good mirror and marketing to JAPANESE USED CARs, and CAR FROM JAPAN will be consolidate their influence in this market!

So… I am waiting!


Américo Matavele

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