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Alexandre Martins Guambe Júnior from Mozambique message

Alexandre Martins Guambe Júnior from Mozambique message
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1- I need the car will help move me to my workplace, move me to the institute where you study, which is far from my province, every day I have to acondar too early to be able to get transportation to move me to school.
Furthermore I’ll help my mother to carry the goods it for small mecearia that sustains us…

2- Because if I win the car will promote your brand and thus your image before Mozambicans served with such a quality brand …

3- The Japanese cars are quality also are branded, are comfortable, and the Japanese have an incredible creativity in creating models for cars …

4- The Japanese car even being used or unused they do not lose their quality and continue as if they were new, the Japanese have a good way to keep the car …

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