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Alex Munlo from Malawi message

Alex Munlo from Malawi message
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I have to thank your team for accepting my entry into this competition.I would like you to pick me as a winner because of my frequent visits to this page.Am always looking for the car which I can afford to buy on this page for this reason am always browsing through your stocks though I do not have enough money to be your customer as our currency against the dollar is huge and I always have a belief that one day I will meet a car which will have a good price to afford buying.I have two choices one is a 3tonner lorry or minibus for business which will help me and my family to earn a leaving through hiring and public transport of passengers who will be paying me.This also will help me to assist me in paying tithe to God through my church as I am a christian and my church offerings will increase to let the work of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to be easy.I will be using the 3tonner or minibus to assist church trips for free or the church will be buying fuel only without charging them.I want also to be supporting the poor in church and others who don’t go to church with the money or material things like soap and food with the money I will be getting from the car through hiring.I don’t have a house to stay with my wife and kids and this will help me to build a house as am renting now.Paying for school fees for my brothers ans sister is a problem and the money from the car will help.I want to be your regular customer by buying cars from you because the car I will win,will assist me in raising money to be buying you for the good fleet I want in future.I also live in a village where I will be assisting others to buy cars from you since here people don’t have access to internet because of poverty and lack of education.So when you make me a winner you will have more customers to buy you through me.
Car from japan is reliable because almost all cars in my country are fro you guys which means people like them,companies and more individual buy from you if they were not reliable they would not have bought for you.The cars are of good quality.We have got a big choice f any make you want.They are also affordable to us because I have seen people who were not driving owning cars.You are able to send anywhere in the world thumbs up to you.You have a good team who know customer care because I have known may who buy from you without complaints.Thanks keep up the good work.

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