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Thank you for this golden chance you have give me to win a car from japan.I am Kenyan lady aged 28years old with a 7months old son and expecting another baby in may next year.

let me try to answer your questions

why you should pick me as the winner?i have always loved to have a car from japan for my family but its all in vain because i take care of my mother ,my sister and my grandmother who has been hailing from chronic asthma for close to 10yrs now so all my saving go to medicine and other basic needs.i pray that car from japan picks me as the winner because it will make my dream come true and i will forever treasure car from japan.
car from japan will make it easier for me to take ma grandmother to hospital whenever asthma strikes her and also enable me to move around with my young children because its always hectic while using public means. .

How i think about car japan?Japanese used cars are safe,secure,in a good to go condition,they are of high quality and cheap to purchase.compared to other foreign countries, Japanese used cars do not lose value faster and the mileage is low and they are very much treasured here in Kenya.Japanese have made their name in Kenya due to the high standard cars they produce and also other machines used here in Kenya.

i hope car japan will pick me as the winner and i will be so thankful because you will change my living standards together with those of my family.

Thank you and may GOD bless you

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