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abdallah swalehe from Tanzania message

abdallah swalehe from Tanzania message
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Why I like Japanese car.
-Japanese cars have smaller engines and have more fuel economy than others company cars.
-Also they have more engine types and they can go faster for cheaper.
-Japaneses cars are knowing for making ever long lasting cars or very reliable
-Most safety car, affordable almost to anyone who like to drive on this earth.
-customarily weight less and with a little boost your Japanese car can be a little Godzilla.
TOYOTA IST & RAV 4 are my best

why should i win?
-first i am young African who truly dream to have most likely and long still things in my life.
why is that means.
here is my little education story:
1.I took my diploma in computer engineering and networking (I used to work form home to school by foot, that made me almost 3 years of late student ever happen in my institute. i hated that to be late on things)

2.i finished my diploma on 2014 & now i am talking my degree on computer science, and i am living to far from university. i don’t like,and want to be like as life of my diploma level(best late man) THAT IS WHY I IMPRESSIVE AND LOVE TO Join this competition so that i won ever late to my life ever again by choosing the right one and reliable one.

Thank you:
your truly loving your cars,
Abdallah Swalehe

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